Seeds of Iniquity by J.A. Redmerski

Description : Seeds of Iniquity

Twenty-four hours ago…

I burst through the door first with Victor and Niklas behind me. Tears of rage and vengeance fill my eyes. The house is pitch dark except for a small light somewhere in the hallway, the smell of scorched coffee lingers heavily on the air. There was a struggle here; two of the chairs around the kitchen table have been knocked over, the tablecloth pulled from the table along with the centerpiece basket of real fruit. Bananas, apples and oranges litter the caramel-colored tile floor.

“Dina!” I scream and rush through the rest of the house with my gun in my hands and my finger on the trigger. “Dina, are you here?!”

No answer.

“She’s not here, Izzy,” Niklas says behind me.



“Shut up!” I turn swiftly in the hallway, but then I stop and calm myself when I realize it had been Victor who called out my name the second time.

Niklas leaves us alone and disappears through the den entrance to check out the rest of the house.

Victor steps up to me, a small LED nightlight plugged into the wall at the end of the hall glowing faintly against one side of his body; a shadow covers the rest.

“Listen to me,” he says cupping his hand about one side of my neck, “she’s not dead, so get your head on straight. This is the kind of emotion that will get you killed. Look at me, Izabel.” He rips the word out.

My eyes shoot up from the floor and I do as he says, tears rolling down my cheeks. I wipe underneath my nose with the side of my gun...
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