Night Fury: Second Act by Belle Aurora

Description : Night Fury: Second Act
“I’ll f**king kill him.” Pressure builds in my ears as I glance down at the black wallet gripped tightly in my shaking hands.

Tell Bob.

Oh, my God. I have to tell Bob.

My gut sinks. So many questions will be raised. Questions I’m not ready to answer. But it needs to be done.

This is urgent.

I dress as quickly as I can in my sweat pants and tee, pocket the wallet and make my leave. Before I exit, I glance around the room, Marco’s room. Lowering my gaze, I shake my head in disgust.

So f**king stupid. You sure know how to pick ‘em, Cat.

My heart races as I think hard about what I’m going to say to the man who raised me. The man who treats me as his own. The man who would kill for me. Ie up blank.

First James, now this. I’ll never live this down.

I run a hand through my knotted hair and walk down the hall, out of the dorms towards Mirage. Suddenly, I pause mid-step. My heart skips a beat.

Act natural. Don’t panic.

I close my eyes and draw in a deep breath before stepping into Mirage. My eyes widen. I blink.

It’s empty.

No one’s here. Thank God.

I let out a breath I hadn’t realised I was holding and make my way to the church. The closer I get, the angrier I be. How dare he! He knew. He knew and he still took my virginity. Yes, he said he was an ass**le, but I had no idea it stemmed this deep.

I thought we had a connection. Amon interest. I thought we were one and the same.

I was wrong.

We aren’t alike at all. He played me like a finely tuned violin. And I let him.

I’m livid. Rage bubbles in my belly, like a volcano threatening to erupt and unleash its fury on anything that dares get close enough to it. I grit my teeth and growl, “Fuck.”...
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