Hard to Hold by Stephanie Tyler

Description : Hard to Hold
“We want to be in a situation under maximum

pressure, maximum intensity, and maximum danger.

When it’s shared with others, it provides a bond which

is stronger than any tie that can exist.”

—SEAL Team Six Officer

Lieutenant Junior Grade Jake Hansen had already muttered the word motherfucker as many times as he possibly could in under a minute’s time. He’d used it as noun and then a verb, planned on continuing to think of new and inventive ways to utilize it in his vocabulary until his Navy SEAL teammate and best friend finally told him to shut up so he could motherfucking bandage Jake’s bleeding biceps.

It was a flesh wound, but it still hurt—and bled—like hell. Not that he’d ever admit that first part. And there was no way he was stopping, although Nick hadn’t bothered to suggest that. Probably because Nick had been running with a stress fracture along his shin for the better part of the afternoon, at the tail end of a mission that had gone totally to shit after the first five minutes.

Those first five minutes happened three days ago. Now they were intent on getting the hell out of Djibouti, Africa. The water—and the point of convergence with their team sharpshooter, senior chief and CO—was only five miles away.

“Just rebel fire—not aimed at us,” Nick spoke quietly into the mic attached to his headset as the gunfire continued to pop, lighting the backdrop of the night sky to their west.

“Could’ve fooled...
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