Deception and Desire by Mina Carter

Description : Deception and Desire
“Yeah? You and whose army, bloodsucker? Now piss off before I get irritated and decide to introduce you to a few friends of mine… They’re a bit boring when ites to conversation, but they really get the point across,” Tiny snarled at the vampire facing him down. He flicked the side of his jacket open to reveal two short and businesslike stakes nestled along his ribcage, right under the Glock in the shoulder holster.

They weren’t the rough hewn, chair-leg type stakes of the amateur vampire slayer either. These were iron-banded custom beauties, made to Tiny’s precise specifications. When it came to weaponry, the demon believed in multiple redundancies so the wooden shaft dealt with the vamps, the iron bands put a crimp in the day of any Fae he had to sort out, and anything still standing with six inches of banded wood stabbed through their ribcage… well, that’s what the Glock was for. To say Tiny was loaded for bear was an understatement. He was loaded for anything that breathed.

He needed to be. Working as a doorman at the city’s premier paranormal nightclub, Tiny and the other guys on the security team saw most things in the course of a night. They’d had a dragon in last week. Well, a were-drake to be precise -- one of the Keller brothers -- and even the bosses, Jaren and Daelas, hade down onto the floor to make sure Mr. Keller got everything he wanted. No one wanted a pissed off dragon, not even Tiny, who was one of the tougher of the paranormals on the staff, barring the head doorman Knuckles.

Dragons, though, were the exception rather than the rule. Normally the club...
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