A Reason to Breathe by C.P. Smith

Description : A Reason to Breathe
Slamming the trunk, the last of my belongings loaded, I turned to the house I’d spent the last fifteen years lovingly returning to its former beauty. An Arts and Crafts gem that had been neglected for over twenty-five years, now owned by someone else. Not because I wanted to give her up, no, because I had no choice. Doug and I bought the house when Bailey, our daughter, was five. Now a widow at the ripe old age of thirty-nine and a daughter off at college, I had no use for a house this big, nor could I afford her. Bailey, on a full ride scholarship to Notre Dame, barely made it home except for Christmas and spring break, so staying in this house, with all its memories, hurt too much. The upkeep and payment with only one ie made staying there a monthly struggle, selling and moving on was my only option. Time to move forward, downsize and figure out my life as a single woman with a grown daughter.

Doug had been my high school boyfriend; married at eighteen with a baby on the way, not something I’d planned, but you roll with what life hands you, and Bailey was a blessing I would never regret. Doug had been an easy husband, laidback, friendly and a great father. Would I have married him at eighteen if, not for Bailey? Probably not, but I loved him when I married him, and I loved him when he died. Was it a passionate love? No. But lovees in many forms,fortable and secure being one of them.

I’d missed out on a lot having a baby so young, and now with Doug gone it was time for me to figure out who I am. I’d studied journalism once I gave birth to Bailey, worked my way through college, and when she started school, I took a job on a small paper in our hometown of Topeka. As a journalist, I could work anywhere, and since my childhood dream was to live high in the mountains of Colorado with deer and bears for my neighbors,...
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